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Re: TNG Caption This! 306: Second Captions

TFTW, Leadhead, good luck this coming week!

Deanna: Wow, Will really blows!

Data: "Blows?" Ah, "To produce a sound by expelling a current of air, as in sounding a wind instrument or a whistle."

Deanna: I'm so glad Dr. Soong didn't install the "Urban Dictionary" software patch for your dictionary app.

Riker: I'll be damned, there really is a ceiling cat!

Will and Thomas: I can't stay mad at you, you handsome bastard!

Crusher: You and Will, I mean Thomas? Really? Weren't you seeing the ambassador from Tentaclus V? The one with the *motions with her hands*, and the *motions with her hands*, and the really big *motions with her hands*?

Thomas: You'll never retrieve the database! You'll die before ya get it!
Will *offscreen*: Hey! What's that you got on your face?
Thomas: Huh?
*Will throws dirt on Thomas's face*
Will *offscreen*: See how that works?
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