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Re: What Are You Working On (And How Are You Getting There)?

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That sounds intense. Are you moving far/for long?

Also I'd like to encourage people to engage with each other more in this thread!
I don't know exactly where i'll be moving to yet, i'll be teaching and it depends where I get placed. But out of the country at least, and somewhere non english speaking. And it's a minimum placement of a year. I'm quite excited as I have been in the same job for 10 years, and have tired greatly of sitting in an office all day. I snapped a few months back and applied for the training. I now have about 6 months to save as much money as fast as possible.

Incidentally, as far as finance tips go, if you are talking about basic budgetting for yourself rather than investments and such? Write it down. Just write it all down, all the incomings, all the outgoings, and every bit oif it. When you can see what is happening to your money right in front of you it's much easier to understand. You can't budget in your head, you'll just make the calculations you want to make
So it goes.
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