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Wonderful Enterprise 1702 (Fan made) flying at future earth

Hi friends,

just finished my newest project with my own Star Trek based spaceship model. I redesigned all ship textures and spent much more attention to the environment this time. Look forward to listen to your opinions:

Click the Image to see the video.

a) Why the ring?:
I asked my self why almost all windows in federation ship ar either facing to the top or to the bottom but they are always on the side of the room. I think this question would be crucial for the design of a real space ship. The ring solves that problem, since more windows can be placed at the sites enabling the ship to provide more natural and therefore more luxury rooms to the crew.

Why 1702:
Well, this is fanmade and just of hobby of mine. On purpose I decided to not place my ship in the original series of Enterprises. The first reason behind is that I wanted to avoid insulting critical fans and the second reason is that I am not an owner of Star Trek and wanted to show my respect to the fans and to Star Trek by changing the number instead of attaching another letter like G or F. I know also that there is another ship in the original Star trek world with 1702 as registriy. But the name Enterprise 1702 is quite distributed and you can find my videos easlily by googling this name. Thus, I will not change it. If the number still causes trouble, just consider this ship as part of a parallel universe (which it is actually, since this is not part of one of the original Star Trek universes. I don't have the right to put it into the original ship series of Enterprises).

c) In what time is this ship placed it?
Honestly, I don't care so much. I would like to have a new Star Trek series placed in the 24 or 25. century but I am just creating this animation because I want to see more Star Trek space scenes because I miss the time in which we could watch them weekly . I did not want to create a new series myself, thus those detailled questions are not my concern.

d) How many crew members does this ship have?
I just don't know. One could count the windows as an approximation to answer this question.

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