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Re: Sword of Damocles -- comments & opinions ****SPOILERS*****

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honestly, I'm just happy people are still reading the book. even if they don't love it or even like it.

I will say that i find it odd that a few people have found the opening "slow." Doesn't it start with what appears to be the last surviving members of TITAN's away team, stranded and injured on a hostile planet, in the middle of a war zone where giant bugs are trying to kill them?

I mean, really.

Do we need to blow up a planet EVERY time to lock folks in?
No no you don't have to blow up a planet
It's not the epilogue that I found "slow". I didn't understand everything in this part, but it got my attention, I was immediatly interested to read the following. What I found "slow" were the first chapters, with the issues on the Titan, the issues with Dr Xin Ra-Havreii, Vale worried about the problems between Riker and Troi, ... this kind of things. I understand that the characters have to be developped somewhere in the book, so maybe I felt that way because for the moment I don't care a lot about the different characters of the Titan crew. But apart from that I enjoyed the book and maybe after reading a few Titan books I will be more interested in the crew, when I'll start knowing them better.
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