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Re: History of the Enterprise Flagship revealed?

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Yeah, CBS has copyright on "Starship Enterprise" which covers any spaceship with that name in TV/film.
Really? That sounds kind of pathetic, actually. This includes alternate prefixes, like the "EAS" used on B5? It's not like viewers would be dumb enough to confuse the two.
No, it makes sense. Any work that features a prominent fictional spaceship named Enterprise is treading on ice CBS/Paramount already owns; they should pick their own name if they want a spaceship. (And it's probably a trademark, not a copyright.)
I think that this is the genesis of the ongoing joke in Stargate about not naming things Enterprise. Its an interesting question to think about. Obviously CBS/Paramount cannot possibly own the rights to the designation "USS Enterprise" since that would belong to the US Navy. In Stargate all of the American ships from earth carry the USS prefix from the real world navy. Thus had they ever chosen to use Enterprise, it would be the "USS Enterprise." Of course, in universe, that would be the real reason they could not use the would already be in use by the navy.
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