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Dumb question... I'm not on X-Box Live so I don't get DLC missions... do any of them take place after the ending or alter the ending in anyway? Do we have any canon hints to what happens afterwards?
The Extended Cut DLC obviously alters the ending. And From Ashes gives you another party member, so he'll have some extra dialogue before the end.

But beyond that? What LeadHead said.
I'll just add that the EC also gives something of a visual epilogue so you get more of a sense of what happens after the end than you did before. Not hugely insightful but it give you an idea as to where things are headed.

Oh and it also gives you an extra "choice" at the end, if you can call it that. If you're curious and not bothered about spoilers I'm sure there's a million gameplay videos on youtube you can check out.
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