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Re: What the Daleks left Behind.

I imagine Daleks have hot oil baths, like we saw C3p0 having in New Hope (I can't believe that I say that automatically now.) or maybe that that Daleks who came out of the water in Dalek Invasion of the Earth scaring the frakk out of Susan(??) was actually bathing?

Is that why they stencilled "Don't dump bodeis in the River" on a wall there in London 2164? Because it was part of a designated Dalek bathhouse?


If Daleks really want to be the only life form in the universe was that Dalek just paddling about on the river bed killing fish?


Being jellyfishlike was the dalek swimming without it's casing, then upon hearing Susan(?) rushed back it's battle chais to rise up and exterminate the new Human vermin it had found lurking about.
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