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Re: TNG Caption This! 306: Second Captions

Riker only joined the jazz band to hit on the pianist, to finish his 'alien sex' checklist.

DATA: Commander Riker, inquiry. Why has Captain Picard stripped off his clothes, and started dancing..."
RIKER: I only gave him one beer. I suppose it's been so long he's lost all his tolerance.

WILL RIKER: This can't possibly be me, no way I'm that sleazy. If it were me I'd be much more funny and charming!

TROI: Beverly, you know the movie Karate Kid isn't real karate, right?
BEVERLY: Next time the ship is invaded, CRANE KICK!

WILL RIKER (Several years ago): Maybe I should ask Deanna to marry me. Nah, now's not the time. I'm going to be the youngest Captain in Starfleet. First command I'm offered, I'm going to take it. Then I'll ask her, then she'll be mine.
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