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Re: Early Evidence That You Were A Nerd

I would say 'all of the above.'
I started watching Star Trek early on (I was four) and became massively interested with astronomy. When I graduated from high school, I was given my 'file', the one that followed me my whole school curriculum. It was written 'always talks about space, planets and rocket ships...'
You have to keep in mind that 'nerd' is NOT a recognized term in my country. Never were a group of people (kids) identified as such. The fact that I started to wear glasses from the age of 5 didn't help too.
I too was an avid reader. And as a space geek, my very first book was Explorers On The Moon. I wasn't able to read when I got it and it's filled with doddles (le rolleyes!).
I remember smiling during the opening credits of UFO Robot Grendizer, The Six Million Dollar Man and I would pretend that I too had bionic implants and to prove it so, I would run in slo-mo...
A the age of 13, I got my first computer, an Amstrad 6128. It was with a fucking disc and it was oh so fast!!! I spent my first pay ever on a CASIO fx8500 calculator. And it still works!
In December 1993, I was with my then gf and we stopped in front of a model workshop. There was a model that caught my eyes: The Enterprise A from TUC. I had to buy it!
I completed my nerd training when I first joined the TrekBBS.
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