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The Underwear Conundrum

I have mentioned previously that I tend to have problems with shrinking underwear, mostly briefs and boxer briefs. I easily spend hundreds of dollars every year replacing my shrunken Hanes and Jockey undies, and I've stayed well within size Medium (32 - 34 range). It's not that I've put on weight; heck, even when I get the next bigger size, I find that the briefs get tighter around the waist after a few washes.

Alas, I believe I've solved the conundrum! It's not the underwear that's getting tighter; it's the freakin' waistband. Lately I've been going to Macy's and buying a bunch of 2(x)ist briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs, which are not cheap by the way. I've found them to be much more comfortable and shrink-resistant.

So here's a question for the guys, or ladies who shop for their men. What brand of underwear would you recommend that has a comfort-flex waistband? Even higher-end brands like Calvin Klein don't necessarily give me comfort and support. It would be a plus to get something economical too and resistant to shrinking. What say you?
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