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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Maybe Morrison's just not for you then. H'el hasn't interested me at all...but I've stuck with Lobdell since that excellent Luthor issue that you recommend Trekker, because I'm anticipating the stories beyond the H'el arc. Lobdell hasn't been irritating me as usual, and the Kenneth Bocafort artwork is just spectacular as mentioned before. I hope he gets a long run on this book. "Superman" seems to be finally stable for once.
The art in Superman has been fantastic since Bocafort took over, I mean it's finally up there with Batman, The Flash and Aquaman with gorgeous art just as a Superman book should be.

I can see not liking the H'El story line, it DOES cover a lot of other issues in other titles which can be a problem since not everyone seems happy with the treatment of Supergirl in The New 52, but hopefully now that WW has used her lasso on her she'll snap out of it and be better.

I took look forward to where Superman goes from here, especially if it tackles more of the relationship between Lois and Clark while Superman is with Wonder Woman and especially if deals with Superman and Dr. Veritas. Hell, I look forward to when this book uses Superman and Lex together in an actual confrontation. This arc has drug, but I've enjoyed it. Look forward to where Superman's book goes from here.

But now I'm excited for the Batman/Superman title coming! That one should be a real blast.
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