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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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And, honestly, comparing "battle scenes" in a TV show like DS9 with anything from any Trek movie is laughable. Some of the fanboise just went "squeeee!" the first time they saw a bunch of CG starships all crowded into the same shot on their little TV screens and apparently have never recovered any perspective.
Shaky cam and closeups where you never actually see WTF is going on was popularized in the movie Gladiator. Shaky-cam in SF got its start on B5 and I was never much of a fan, but it's become almost sort of a golden-rule in space-shots since. Whether you're talking about swords and sandals or Transformers and Starships, it's all part of the same cinematic fashion-trend, if you will.

My opinion is that it is a FAD, and it will eventually wear thin and become just as tired and dated as anything else. You can say it's some sort of evolutionary improvement and we'll "never go back", but odds are it will become just as dated as bell-bottoms.

It's more visually kinetic than the old-school stuff, but whether that makes it truly "better" is subjective. Making things kinetic for its own sake is really just visual pornography. Give me a story with characters I care about and I don't need sh*t whizzing by the camera constantly for me to feel a sense of excitement or danger, but if I don't care, then no amount of explosions in the world will make a difference.
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