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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

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Although I am bit miffed since neither are anything more than usernames are they?
I was told once that, when a poster wants to be deliberately patronizing (without seeming to be flaming and thus at risk of being sanctioned by a mod), they'll use your username - or your real name - in the comment. That strategy can also have a similar effect in a classroom, at a party, or at work. ("You've been here long enough, Ian, to know that we have a protocol for doing that...") Use a person's name in a comment and you can make that seemingly innocent/helpful comment sound really insulting.

So your innocent comment felt like a taunt to me. Thanks for the apology; I manage to upset people online often, I'm told - and it's almost always a shock to realise that my comments have been taken the wrong way.
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