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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

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Well frankly the idea that the FF were the "only" super heroes around or the X-Men as the only super powered beings around always struck me as somewhat odd in that they all came from the same "universe". I can understand the whole "well you can't mention Iron Man in a Fox movie" and I can take it to a point. Sure, they don't have the rights to the character, BUT that doesn't mean you can't name drop or casually mention that "Oh and Stark's been working on some exo-armor concepts and needs my input I'll be home before dinner Sue darling"

It's a name - big deal.
To us, it's a name. To the corporations and their lawyers, it's intellectual property, and it can't be used without a license. Maybe they could tiptoe around it with oblique references, but once they throw in the actual name "Stark" or "Tony" in a context that's clearly about a businessman/inventor who works with high-tech armor, then it's infringement. There are very specific rules about using actual character names.

Still, it would be possible for the studios to work together and arrange for such cross-references. As I've mentioned before, there was an agreement reached to include The Amazing Spider-Man's OsCorp Tower into the digital Manhattan of The Avengers, but it fell through for scheduling reasons. So yeah, it could be done, but it would have to be coordinated between the respective licensees. You couldn't just sneak it under the radar.

My dream FF movie would have it actually pick up with them an already established Super Hero team. Sort of like how Rise of the Silver Surfer started out - people knew them, they have their tower and basically we don't need to rehash the origin. Maybe tell it in cartoon/comic style in the beginning during the credits and leave it at that.
The origin-montage opening worked very well in The Incredible Hulk. That could work. Except, of course, the FF aren't just superheroes; they're primarily explorers and adventurers, and Reed is constantly producing new inventions and discoveries with world-changing potential. That's something I'd like to see a movie get right -- a portrayal of the FF as a scientist/adventurer family that includes superheroics and world-saving as part of its routine, rather than just as superheroes. That's what makes them distinctive, and it would be worth seeing onscreen.
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