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I used to love creme eggs, and then they changed the formula/got smaller/got "cheaper", and I lost the desire to eat them. I had one a few years back and it tasted horrid.
It's the chocolate that changed the taste, it happened to most big brands. I haven't been able to figure out what the hell the companies are doing, but it's why I tend to stick with the more expensive and organic smaller name chocolate bars...
I think they're decreasing the amount of butter and cream and replacing it with vegetable oil, which is cheaper.

That being said, I love the Creme eggs even with the change. I always wished they would bring back the larger egg size, as a special product. Sell it in an egg carton by the dozen labeled "grade A jumbo creme eggs". I also always wanted them to, along a similar theme, do an eighteen egg carton, three rows of six, with six creme, six caramel, and six mint eggs. Oh, both of those ideas would involve dark chocolate as well as milk.
I guess Cadbury chocolate has lost it's luster with me. Now, if I eat chocolate, I like it to be very dark, and I prefer buying Lindt dark chocolate, as it's not too expensive, and tastes pretty good.

I particularly like the Chili dark chocolate variety:

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