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Re: How do u know if a pet store is a puppy mill?? U heard of Petland?

As for hip dysplasia, I am not sure the age of the dog you were looking at, but sometimes that can not be determined when they are puppies. One of our dogs has very bad dysplasia, but she looked OK when she was a puppy. It's just that as she grew, her hip joints stayed small and now the socket is too small for the joint. You can literally hear her bones pop when she walks. Thank goodness she is not in any pain from it now, and we are giving her glucosamine supplements so that she will stay pain-free as long as possible, but the truth is that as she gets older (over 10 they said... she's almost 3 now) it will probably start to bother her more and more. Just a warning to be careful... the closer to 6 months that the dog is, the more sure they can be that it won't have it, but then of course you really miss more of the "puppy" time.
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