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Re: Trek Year: To Boldly Watch Every Episode in One Year

JirinPanthosa wrote:
Well, the thing about TNG is, it doesn't matter where in the series you start, but after you start you should watch them in sequence.

So, 5-6-7-1-2-3-4 is just as good as 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. But both are better than jumping around randomly. Which is why I personally recommend Q Who-3-4-5-6-7-1-rest of 2.
It's not jumping around randomly if you watch the episodes after doing some research and seeing those that seem the most appealing to you first. I first watched TOS by renting VHS tapes from the local video store based on watch episodes looked the most interesting or had a good/bad reputation. I also caught TNG for the first time in reruns not necessarily in order either although it would be very jarring to watch a season 5 episode then watch a season 1 episode the bulk of the show seasons 3-7 look identical production wise.

Trek Year wrote:
I am looking at buying an actual video camera in the future. The other element is that the biggest thing people keep asking for is the insertion of clips while I am reviewing. This is a very doable task, but it means I would be limited to releasing a review once a day or every other day. What are all of your thoughts on this?
A good compromise would be to put still pictures in your videos instead of clips to help jog peoples memory of what the episode is about.
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