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Re: Being Human (American Version) - Season 3

Witchcraft is education. A bloodline might help or hinder but if you ain't willing to learn ten dead languages and memorize 15 cook books worth of spells, well then you're just a stage magician illusionist ponce trying to pull a fast one.

Witches feed off the dead. Which does make them the Churches problem and not the Governments because ghosts don't vote. Although if the Church knew about doors and some glimmer of how it really works... Religion as it stands is some big joke to the guys in the frocks? I can accept that the Vatican knows, certainly Church of England, but what about all the other offshoot splinters of Christianity that buggered off before they could be illuminated about the man behind the curtain? Do you seriously think that the Mormons know that Jesus was a Vampire? Although that might might explain Alice Cooper, who is the grandson of the bloke in charge and if he wasn't a rock legend would be in line for the top job from grampies kicks the bucket.

Werewolves on the other hand.

One night a month?

Under the full moon, the wolf is no more disturbing than any escaped zoo animal. It doesn't retain human intellect. Wolfing out is a liability really. The rest of the month the wolf makes them so antisocially difficult (What sort of super wussy was Josh before the bite?) that they can't integrate into human society which makes them as dangerous as "Hobo with a shotgun".

Whatever truce the werewolves have with the Vitican and other powers is probably still in full effect. They don't have to kill. They only kill if something fucks up which is true with any one in any situation. "I was at a magic Tournament the other day and every thing was going fine until... "

(The English vs. Canadian lore in my head is so jumbled.)
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