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Re: Tron: What do the different colors mean?

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Sure, you can rationalize it in-universe, at least within the context of the sequel's universe. I'm looking at it more metatextually, thinking about the differences in intention between the original filmmakers and the sequel's filmmakers. See, I waited to see Legacy until I could get my hands on a copy of the original, so I could watch them on consecutive days. And that turned out to be a mistake, because it just highlighted all the differences in concept and approach between the two. Back to back, the two films just don't feel like they go together. The changes were kind of jarring.

But you make a good argument. Maybe in the future I'll have a higher opinion of Legacy. But I'm not sure it lives up to its name. It's too revisionist, too different in approach, to really feel like it's carrying on the legacy of the original.
I last saw Tron at least 15 years ago, maybe longer. So i have the memories of a 10 year old seeing it, and the decades-long anticipation of a new movie, similar to my anticipation to new Star Wars movies.

But having that comparison, Legacy definitely felt more in line of what I remember with the original, and actually more "mature" than I remmeber the first. Contrast to The Phantom Menace, which felt lke a let down, with a child Anakin and goofy Jar Jar.

Legacy didn't have such silliness to deflate my anticipation.

That probably won't change your viewing of Legacy in the future -- but hope you understand my (and others) appreciation of Legacy.
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