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We know that the Founders can reproduce and have children. The idea that they do not reproduce regularly is speculation; the idea that there are currently no Founder children is speculation.
Yes, absolutely it is speculation. We know they are capable of producing offspring, but know nothing about their reproductive cycles, such as how often infants are produced, which I think is an important point. So, yes, I'm speculating that the Founders don't have any offspring among them during the Dominion War because I want to know how and why your argument would change if they don't have children. Would it be OK to attack them then? What if there are no "civilians" among the Great Link? What then? In fact, what does "civilian" mean in the context of the Great Link? How does one participate in the Great Link as a "civilian"? Please explain what you think a "civilian" is in the context of a society that isn't humanoid, and in fact is one exists primarily as a shapeless ocean of goo with an extensive telepathic link among all individuals.

She was the one taking the lead in deciding Founder policy well before the outbreak of the war. She was the one they interacted with in numerous episodes set before then.
"She" (in quotes because what does gender mean among changelings?) was at the very least the spokesperson for the policies of the Great Link. Was she their absolute leader? After she was isolated in the Alpha Quadrant, she became the leading authority figure of the Dominion, but was she always the leader of the Great Link? Does the Great Link have a leader normally?

An act of mass terrorism that risks an entire species's extermination is not a meaningful step up the moral ladder.
No, it's not a step up the "moral ladder", whatever that means to you. But holding a cure does provide leverage. I'm not condoning it, just making an observation. A mugger holding a gun to force you to give up your wallet isn't holding the moral high ground, but are you going to berate them about that when they're the one with the leverage?
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