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Re: Countdown to Darkness - Review and Discussion

ChristopherPike wrote: View Post
I don't see how anyone could take that comment personally...
I dunno? You addressed it to me by name, and it seemed like you were "having a go at me", as we say in Australia. Urging me to say more so you could pull apart my point? I don't even remember what the point was now and I feel no yearning to go back and reread it all. Bulletin boards can be funny things. Especially at 2am local time.

Had we been in a pub, I'd have probably just moved to another table. It seemed a really confrontational thing for you to say. (I went back at the time, reread the posts, and was at a loss to add anything.)

Dimesdan has now also chimed in, but the mods told us not to get personal a few days ago, and he has refused to PM what his original problem was, so yeah, it did feel a bit like persecution, especially now after he leaped to your defence. Must be my Persecution Complex (tm).

Maybe I was just in a sensitive mood at the time, ChristopherPike. I dunno. I really dunno.
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