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Re: Are the Voyager novels not as popular?

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I know I'm only one reader but I would be happier with the Trek line if Pocket worked on a little more balance every year. Six TOS books this year is just too many in my opinion.
Lots of readers evidently disagree, since TOS is the strongest-selling series to this day. It dominates the schedule because it sells well.
And therefore helps keep Treklit viable ! I'd prefer more 24th century novels, but if TOS sells well, so be it.

I would, if it was done so as not to put off casual readers, prefer more interconnectedness in the TOS stuff though. I liked the way it was done in Vanguard. Can we have another TOS era miniseries ?
Thing is, I think it's because they aren't interconnected that's a big factor in why they're the best selling.
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