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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Dorian Thompson wrote: View Post
Andrea, Andrea, poor misguided woman. I shake my head. She isn't a bad person in and of herself, but her taste in men leaves a great deal to be desired. Too bad she isn't the leader of Woodbury herself. She'd do better were she not distracted by romance.
I assume that Andrea is going to be the one to kill the governor when it's all said and done.

Takeru wrote: View Post
Sindatur wrote: View Post
No reason to bring on a Comics Fan Favorite just for the little screen time and impact he's had so far.
Look what they did to Michonne and unlike Tyrese she's part of the main cast.
I could happily lose Michonne from the show. The whole "glare and kill walkers" thing has gotten real old real fast. She's basically a plot device to start the Woodbury/Prison war at this point, nothing more.

Sindatur wrote: View Post
I suspect we'll be seeing more of Tyrese and his group before the season ends. No reason to bring on a Comics Fan Favorite just for the little screen time and impact he's had so far.
Yes. However, I just hope they don't bring in Tyrese as Rick's new BFF at the expense of Herschel or, especially, Daryl. Daryl dies, I stop watching.

Immolatus wrote: View Post
in the 1st episode of the season, just before the chopper crashed the pilot was on the radio calling "mayday". who was he calling?
Anyone who'd answer?

Bob Morton wrote: View Post
Carol's hope came to be; I bet that gun's still loaded.
What hope is that? She talked about what she'd do if her ex-husband were still alive, not if Merle was.

auntiehill wrote: View Post
^It's not the nudity; it's the helplessness. Both were helpless to do anything for each other. Glenn was ready to die to keep the prison a secret but Maggie told the Governor to save Glenn. They were both victimized by other people, so it's natural for them to feel depressed and angry, but Glenn is having a much hard time than Maggie. I agree with others upthread that it is mostly his male ego that was harmed; he couldn't protect her OR himself and that's where all the anger is coming from.
This. They were both violated and traumatized. Some couples go through a mugging, home invasion and/or sexual assault in real life and have very similar reactions.

FreezeC77 wrote: View Post
Was anyone else pretty underwhelmed by the zombie dump in the prison by Woodbury? I mean when I saw the truck go crashing through the gate I figured it would have guys in full on military body armor jump out and try to take-over the prison... Then we got a buncha walkers and is it supposed to be something "OMG. LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID TO THE PRISON?" effect on the viewer?

Darn Woodbury they just dumped a couple dozen walkers into a prison yard where the group have already killed 10 times...20 times... or more that many walkers already.

It's almost like they just dumped a flaming bag of poop on their doorstep and rang the bell and then ran away.
All the governor really knew about the prison is that it had a group of armed people camped out there who really messed up Woodbury and that it was potentially highly fortified. He didn't know for sure how many people were there or what sort of resources/weapons they had.

Driving the zombie truck in was a good way to both soften up Rick's group for a full scale attack and find out what sort of resources they might have.
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