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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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I have uh, mixed feelings on JJ Abrams Trek to say the fucking least but it never bothered me that Kirk blows up Nero. Kirk is the gung-ho captain and was never much of a goodie-goodie. Also, having Nero Prime around would be dangerous to the timeline.
The timeline? How would he be dangerous to "the timeline"? He doesn't really have time travel powers.
Future tech, future knowledge give whoever he backs a leg up on the enemies.

Which if I was Starfleet I'd be pissed over Kirk not just beaming Nero's ass over whether he wanted it or not. Lock him in the deepest prison you can find, let the galaxy thing he's dead, and bargain with him or interrogate him for information.
Which doesn't make him dangerous to the timeline, just dangerous in general.
The boring one, the one with Khan, the one where Spock returns, the one with whales, the dumb one, the last one, the one with Kirk, the one with the Borg, the stupid one, the bad one, the new one, the other one with Khan.
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