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Re: "The Slaver Weapon"

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Now that's the strange thing. Okay, so Sutherland was supposedly color blind. Did no one ever say to him, "Uh, Mr. Sutherland? You sure you want to give these 'bad guys' pink vests? The reference photos from the old program show them to be a kind of gold."
One of the first episodes completed was "More Tribbles, More Troubles". The 70s colourists were given xeroxed cels, a style sheet and colour-by-number little pots of paint. Only the colours they needed. They do not question anyone, they just paint as directed. Several people are painting similar cels at the same time. (In the 80s, here in Sydney, the cel painters at Disney would travel into the studio, collect their materials and paint at home.)

It's possible the cel painters had not even seen TOS, let alone have access to stills of the show. Remember the Gold Key comic artists had also never seen the show. Neither had James Blish when doing prose adaptations of TOS for Bantam.

Were Filmation's colourists even based in USA? They'd never get to meet Sutherland or Fontana anyway.

No one would have questioned pink/grey alien puff balls. Obviously, they were all one colour in this ep so they didn't have to track individual tribbles as they were animated. The Klingon vests are a strange choice but, again, to Sutherland, the vests were assumed to be grey/silver - and the choice of colour complemented the tribbles anyway.

Future Klingon appearances would have used the style sheets created for their first appearance.

As for the kzinti, would they necessarily see pink as a "sissy" colour?
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