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Books turned into direct to video/Netflix animated stories

Like most here, I'm a huge fan of all things Trek and I have always enjoyed the audiobooks that were available first on tape, many on CD, and some on digital download. My favorites include TNG's Crossover, Q Squared, Imzadi, Reunion, Dark Mirror, Ships of the Line, The Devil's Heart, and Generations, which was better than the film IMO. I like some of the Shatnerverse and some of TOS stories I've bought as well. I'm also a fan of all things Batman and am very happy with the animated adaptations of The Dark Knight Returns and Year One.

So I started thinking, wouldn't it be great if Paramount or CBS or whoever is in charge were to commission direct-to-video animated movies of some of Trek's best written word?

While I'm at it, how would I (we?) go about getting the stories that are already audiobooks but not yet released as downloads made available in that format? They are already recorded and it would just require converting them to mp3s or similar formats. Is that a big deal?
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