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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

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I finally published today my revised draft of Engineering Deck 11.

In other news I discovered today a photo of all the original 11 foot VFX model and flight deck text signs (see post 11-13-12).

As we know from Richard Datin's website these text signs were used on the flight deck model miniature (i.e. two text signs from the small print were used on the exterior of the 11' model while obviously the bigger ones were used for the flight deck model).

Though it's practically impossible to read the text in the original TOS shots, we can see two words on the port side white panel, which therefore can either be:
For the larger equipment bay on the starboard side, the photo in Allan Asherman's Star Trek Compendium reveals that it apparently is a text sign consisting of two words in two lines (top line wider than bottom line):
A forensic analysis of the available shuttlebay miniature shots may reveal where to place which text signs once we know the proportions of the text (just to have all the texts in readable form really made my day today).

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