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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Thanks Mytran, I appreciate your assistance.

Engineering Deck 11 (Version 3.02 / 130221)

This one took longer than I originally expected but the first drafts (admittedly heavily influenced by my “circular” thinking, then) needed a drastic overhaul.

There’s not much TOS information on this engineering deck, so I took the suggestions for the engineering hull interiors of the USS Defiant (NCC-1764) from the ENTERPRISE episode “In A Mirror, Darkly” (AMD) into account that helped me to fill in the gaps.
In a manner of speaking, the visual TOS information had to submit itself to the ENT “facts” but I’d like to think that the sum of both is more than just the original parts.

Important: According to my exterior window estimates the deck height of E-Deck 11 is approximately 5 meters / 16 feet. This enables the inclusion of two engineering levels where we have the “Jefferies Corridors” from ENT on E-Level 5 below and E-Level 4 (with the energizer corridors) above. In this draft illustration E-Level 4 partially obscures the view of the full length “Jefferies Corridor” on Level 5 below (especially in the aft section of the reactor chamber!).

At 3 o’clock we see the circular corridor segment from “By Any Other Name”. On the port side there’s the access to the ladder leading up all the way to E-Deck 9 (and from there to the ladder that leads to the emergency manual monitor further to the stern). In this corridor Kirk met Spock and Scotty and apparently came through the main door (studio set) from the engine room. The improvement in this new draft is that there is a narrow corridor connecting the tri-ladder from above to allow Kirk his passage (he must have passed the wall seen here behind Major Reed in AMD at 2 o’clock in the starboard energizer corridor).

Kirk, Spock and Scotty then took the starboard turbo lift that started with horizontal travel, obviously connecting to the vertical and diagonal shaft that took them straight to the bridge (notice the two reserve turbo lift cars / holding spots port and starboard). The starboard turbo shaft only leads up further, the port one leads up to E-Deck 10 (to rationalize Kirk and McCoy’s arrival on E-Level 3 in “The Ultimate Computer”) and all the way down.

Another TOS location (with the exception of the flight deck further to the stern and not yet illustrated) would be the corridor segment with the Jefferies Tube in Section A 3 where Lt. Josephs found the body of the Tellarite ambassador in “Journey to Babel” (since Main Deck 11 is probably to small to have several sections, I presume the addition “Section A 3” in Josephs’ report made everyone listening understand he was referring to Engineering Deck 11 on the port side).

Troublesome and time consuming was a credible visualization of the cat-and-mouse Gorn chase in AMD: After having secured Engineering Deck 15 (E-Deck 22 according to some alien minds) “mirror” Archer and company took a tri-ladder up to E-Deck 12 (the energizer corridor there will be removed in a future draft!), exited at 9 o’clock and walked to a (standard) ladder that enabled them access to E-Level 5 above at 3 o’clock (notice the “Shklovsky glow” of the still inactive m-am reactor chamber in the background).

There, Archer closed the ladder bulkhead (should be there to avoid decompression in case the “engineering core” is ever jettisoned) to cut off the Gorn’s possible escape route (notice Reed’s hesitation. If the Gorn would get there that would probably mean he got past Reed who would be dead by then…excellent acting by Dominic Keating). Reed and his men proceeded down the Jefferies Corridor (notice the overhead blue Cherenkov glow, indicating TMP-style EPS conduits that extend from the reactor to the stern where these the go up to the warp engines to provide extra “warp power”) from where they took a ladder to the upper E-Level 4.

Archer and his man than proceeded clockwise to the 9 o’clock position (where earlier in the episode the ill-fated Kelby had popped up) to prepare to ambush the Gorn who they expected to take a ladder down to E-Level 5 to evade Reed and his men. When their ambush plan went south, Archer and his man followed Reed’s original path counter-clockwise, took the route they expected the Gorn would have taken and presumably took Kelby’s corridor to arrive at the upper level (“balcony”) of the forward main sensor-deflector engine room, left the engine room and took the adjacent turbo lift (the shaft now ‘moves” to the center to rationalize the vertical / diagonal lift ride straight to the bridge seen in “Tomorrow Is Yesterday”).

Since I mentioned earlier that I believe this deck to contain various technical components I color highlighted some of these. The exterior grid structure port, starboard and at the bottom are space hydrogen intakes / space matter “sinks”, IMHO, which is next processed into deuterium. The deuterium stored here can either be used as a matter reactant for the matter-antimatter annihilation in the reactor chamber or as a nuclear fusion reactant with tritium for the energizers. I stored the tritium (not required for m-am reaction) further to the stern and though I’d like to believe it has something to do with the “Tail Pipe Socket Adjustment Access” text sign below the exterior warp engine starboard pylon (i.e. fueling socket), I presume this text would indicate something else (but what?).

Enjoy and discuss, Engineering Deck 10 now coming up soon.

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