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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
In the event of a threesome, would it be Dydoccubus?
It sounds like a shape with lots of sides! (Which actually kinda fits with my mental image of the three of them anyway.)

I don't think it would ever happen though. It's been pretty clear from day 1 that Dyson & Lauren hate each other.

Velocity wrote: View Post
I'm getting a little bored with the plots this season. Too many gratuitous sexual situations, too much Lauren, and not enough plot. [...] I'm rooting for Lauren to get killed off. She's pretty annoying.
Yeah. It takes a lot for me to vote for a het pairing over a femslash one, but I just don't find Lauren the least bit interesting. Plus, I defy anyone to watch "(Dis)members Only" and not think that Bo & Dyson were totally meant to be together.

That said, "Doccubus" is one of my favorite words ever.

As for "Too many gratuitous sexual situations," I don't think there can be such a thing as far as Lost Girl is concerned. My biggest irritation with the latter half of Season 2 was that there seemed to be a lot less sex (and fewer Kenzi zingers but that's another issue). The show is at its best when it explores the notion that its central character needs sex to live and that there's nothing wrong with having a healthy sexual appetite. For me, the most haunting scene in the entire series was in "Scream a Little Dream" when Bo meets that future version of herself who hadn't been touched in years. The wounded desperation of the character was quite touching.
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