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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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^ Hah! Hope you enjoy your marathon. I actually started writing The Black Shore before the first episode of Voyager even aired. At first, all I had to go on was the original series bible and some articles in Starlog magazine, but most of the book was written while the first season was airing.

And, yeah, that does seem like a long time ago . . . .

Oh, funny true story: I actually came up with the idea for The Black Shore while attending a sales conference at a Florida beach resort. I was sunning myself on the beach, struggling to come up with an idea for this new Star Trek series Pocket had just told me about, when I glanced around at my surroundings: sand, shore, palm trees, etc.

"Hmm. Maybe I can do something with this . . . ."
Wow, I didn't know some of the books were written before the series aired. The only reason I thought it might have been placed in season 2 is because in the beginning

It actually reads like it would fit in well with the first few seasons of the series, so I guess having the show actually be out really wasn't needed to write a book that feels exactly like the show
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