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Re: X-MEN: Days Of Future Past (Casting, Rumors, Pics till release)

I don't have as many problems with X-Men: The Last Stand as everyone else does. I think it is a pretty weak and anemic entry in the series, particularly when compared with the Singer & Vaughn entries. But I don't find it nearly as offensive as everyone else seems to. Plus, I don't really see the point in totally ignoring it because it's not like 20th Century Fox is ever going to let Singer get another bite at that apple. They're not going to let Singer, or anyone else, produce a new, Phoenix-related sequel to X2 that just pretends that X-Men: The Last Stand never happens. The Last Stand happened and I'm glad that Singer at least acknowledges that he'll have to deal with it, even if he just does it by using time travel to retcon it away. At least there's still an in-universe explanation for it. (Time travel retcon is also the only thing that prevents me from completely disowning J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movies.)

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Totally off topic but after seeing Fassenbender in First Class I totally wanted to see him in a Bond movie set in the 60s.
A girl friend of mine and I felt the same way. Neither of us are big Daniel Craig fans as Bond. When Fassbender sneaks onto the boat in the all black wet suit, that whole scene just screamed BOND.
OT, but as someone else who's been fairly disappointed with Daniel Craig, I'd love to see Fassbender as Bond! (And I've been advocating doing Bond movies as Cold War period pieces for the last 10 years.)

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Having McAvoy still playing Xavier past 40ish is going to be tough to buy, even with a shaved head. His babyface doesn't look a day over 30.
Some minor aged prosthetics around the eyes/nose etc would take care of that. Hollywood has been doing that for decades.
I'm very familiar with aging makeup, having done it a few times myself with both 2d and 3d techniques. In small doses it can be convincing on just about any face, but generally you're better off getting someone closer to their older version and aging them down to their younger version(assuming we're talking a decade or two) rather than getting someone young who you'll have to add a decade or two to. In addition, some faces simply don't take to it well because different faces age differently and bone structure is a major part of that. McAvoy, I suspect, would just look like McAvoy in makeup if you tried to add more than a decade to him, and probably show how little he looks like Patrick Stewart in the process.

Fassbender, however, should probably take to the makeup very well. He wears just enough of his age on his face that emphasizing and adding to it would be a cakewalk in comparison to McAvoy.
Yeah. McAvoy has a pretty round face. I doubt that would take to old age make-up very well. I also think his resemblance to Patrick Stewart is strained as it is (although, somehow, he falls into it a bit more naturally than Tom Hardy ever did).

As for Fassbender, you may recall from the making-of docs on X-Men: First Class that the studio was very leery of casting Fassbender in the first place because they thought he looked too old. Making him look older probably wouldn't be a problem.

Or, they could just go the Downton Abbey route. (In universe, there's about a 10 year span between the beginning of Season 1 and the end of Season 3. Yet they made absolutely no effort to age anyone.)
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