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Re: What Are You Working On (And How Are You Getting There)?

Building a computer from loads of old and a few new bits.
so far:
Old, cheap and not too sturdy metallic grey X-Gear casing, I didn't dare to use the powersuply that came with it, used a Be Quiet! 350 watt PSU instead.
The casing has a removable filter for the intake fan, quite the works for a casing that cheap..
New socket 939 board from Asrock 785 chipset so it has a Radeon 4000 series GPU on board, 1.5Gb in old DDR-1 400 RAM
Old, very old AMD Athlon64 3500+ chip 2.2Ghz, of course its single core, Arctic Freezer64 CPU cooler, one 120x120mm fan front intake, two glaring red led Revoltec 80x80mm fans exhaust fans.
Found a rather old DVD writer and yes I build in a floppy drive... no HDD yet but I've tested it with a Linux Mint13 64 bit live CD.
I might buy a HDD or just install Linux on a USB stick, we'll see.
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