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Re: What Are You Working On (And How Are You Getting There)?

Overall goal: get a job that fits with my education. Not especially easy. I have made a very good impression on some important people, but they are dependent on funds from the municipality which means they have to argue to get even a project on the road. We'll see. I keep smiling their way anyway.

Right now: Fanfiction. I write out of order, I have realised over time. I can jump in and start with a scene in the middle, move to the a chapter in to the story, then back towards the end and back to the middle... And I also get the action down first, like important events and conversation, and then I go back and fill in the details and create the backdrop.

I really shouldn't write fanfiction but concentrate on the "real" story I have started to make an outline to. Alas! It's hard. It's a baby, a darling, the hardest thing to write.
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