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Re: COUNTDOWN TO DARKNESS 5-page preview

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I wonder why he's trying to keep it under wraps? Maybe so he doesn't get the fanrage from every incorrectly drawn Enterprise or inexplicable continuity-shredding plot twist?
Tell me how the automatic delete function works - does it only delete posts referencing Anthony's name in the context of the comic, or does it delete all posts referencing the name?
I haven't a clue. Just jumping to conspiracy-filled conclusions.
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Thanks to the afore mentioned Anthony
That's not "leaked", it was an official release of a trailer, being analyzed. A leak is something they don't want us seeing - like that footage of Spock fighting Harrison from several months ago.

Nice find, though. I hadn't noticed the police/fighter/whatever hangar being what detonates in London. I thought they were cryo tubes or maybe missiles.
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