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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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I've said "scenes that don't actually require Matt's presence, such as flashbacks and the like" in the vast majority of my posts on this subject. I've stated this repeatedly. Even wrote a post talking about how many of the scenes in "The Five Doctors" focused solely on other characters, and older incarnations of the Doctor, rather than the then current Doctor.
Yes, but none of this exists anywhere other than your imagination, unless you can show differently.
I'd assumed we all understood this was speculation.

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1) This isn't their first 3D drama production, it's their second,so the equipment was already purchased. This is just a way of amortising the cost.
Funny, because BBC has repeatedly mentioned how they're using the Who anniversary to unveil the technology to viewers. And as per the placard at the toy fair, the BBC would never say anything deceptive, misleading, or other than the whole truth, now would they?
Feel free to show me where they've claimed it's their first 3D production. Actually show me multiple examples since they've "repeatedly" done so.
I will concede this point for now, as I'm not willing to take the time to track down links. Also, because I acknowledge that the BBC has broadcast in 3D before, (Heck, Doctor Who has aired in 3D before; back in the early 90s for the 30th anniversary) but to the best of my knowledge, all previous BBC 3d programs have used a totally different technology from what will supposedly be used for the 50th Anniversary episode. But if, as you say, they have used this very same 3D tech before, a link supporting this notion could easily prove me wrong.
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