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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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I'm afraid it's pretty obvious now that Bariss Offee is the traitor.
Of course! That must be it. I was trying to figure it all out... the mystery person who knocked out Ventress and took her blades. It looked like a Clone Wars style adult female body shape. I was thinking it was Aurra Sing but that's too random and out of the story.

Mistaken identity and deception, very Hitchcock-esque.

I'm kind of hoping that if this arc is Ahsoka leaving the Jedi order that she joins forces with Ventress. I really liked the dynamic of them together. Ahsoka's rationalization that they have a lot in common is spot on, especially if Ahsoka is unable to clear her name (and Ventress) because of the council's unwillingness to trust her again.

We know that Ventress will be in the finale since they included the set-up that Baris-as-Ventress attacks Ahsoka and leads to her being captured. Maybe Ventress busts her out and they go on their way together and that's the season 5 finale?

Are Ahsoka and Anakin are going to be pitted against each other throughout season 6? The final look he gives her at the end... it might serve to explain a la retcon whatever 'disconnect' Anakin has towards Ahsoka during ROTS.
Golly those new Clone Transports are teh sexy!1. Lego, please. Those great red windscreens and TIE style wings... very cool!
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