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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

^Yeah, it looks like whatever Darkseid's plan is, the Reach have served their purpose in it and it's time to start tearing them down.

And let's see, Deathstroke stole the Warworld key crystal, right? And he was working for Luthor and thus the Light. So either the Light is working with Apokolips or we've got two villain factions competing.

Over in GL, it's kind of a coincidence that Larfleeze should show up just days after I read my first comic that he was in (the Lex Luthor-focused The Black Ring miniseries by Paul Cornell). At least I had an idea what to expect. I think Tom Kenny, maybe, would've been a better voice for Larfleeze than Dee Bradley Baker. I imagined something more high-pitched and craven. I mean, Larfleeze is basically Gollum, it seems to me.

The shot of Hal with all the rings on his fingers was a cute homage to the cover of GL Vol. 3 Issue 49, though the circumstances are completely different.
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