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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

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Maybe it's just because I was out of Marvel for so long, but to me: Cyclops, Emma, Magik, those are all good guys! X-Men! I know that a lot has happened to shift this, but to see these characters acting and dressing like villains, while in the book titled Uncanny X-Men (you know, THE X-men book) it just doesn't feel like something I want to read.
It's funny, I think I've been away from the X-books LONGER and having Emma as the villain is perfectly natural to me. She's never been a good guy as far as I'm concerned.

Proof of how valid the phrase "to each their own" is!

And I'm loving the x-stuff now. First time I've ever had their books on my pull list and I've been collecting regularly for well over 20 years now.
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