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Re: On Board the Enterprise-D

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Actually I just got mine in the mail, and am a bit disappointed to see it's just one of those thin SW Dictionary-style books. I was really looking forward to hearing the Okuda's perspective on the making of the show, and maybe getting a few interesting stories we haven't heard before, but instead the book just describes different parts of the ship and how things work (ho-hum).

Still though, I'd say the book is WELL worth the price for the CD and 3D tour. There is some REALLY cool work in that, and it really shows off just how much great design was in that show. You get to see every square inch of the Bridge, Engineering, and Picard's Ready Room, and you even get a tour of Beverly's office. My favorite though was getting to see the bridge from the viewpoint of the Captain's chair.

Shame there weren't a few more rooms though. I would have loved to have seen the crew quarters, Ten Forward, and the vast Main Shuttlebay. And we sadly don't get to fly around the exterior of the ship either.
Well, it all had to fit on a CD-ROM with 700 MB of space.

I guess the CD-ROM answers the question of who this product is for: your parents and their 10-year-old computer.
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