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Re: Inner Light and other alternate reality episodes

Tiberius wrote: View Post
TIL isn't an episode where Picard watches a movie for 40 minutes.
How do you figure? Picard had no control of his actions.

It's an episode where he gets to live the life that was always denied to him, he gets to have a family, a wife, children, acting as a member of a community, not as the leader of that community.
Not even close. Picard had no control of his own destiny. He couldn't say leave the village and wonder the world. The life he had downloaded into him require him to stay in the village. He could not select any woman who would have him, the woman who was his wife was a part of the download. As were "his" children.

Not knowing the time period he was in, did he try to contact Starfleet? Given the technology to implant memories in a different species, the technology for a subspace communication device should have been available too. Problem is, unless that was part of the download Picard wouldn't have been physically able to do it. Did he try to contact the planet's leaders, the authorities?

How many time did Picard say "Okay, I'm not going to play," until eventually the environment of the download simply broke him down.

The life he alway wanted to live, but was deigned? Picard was treated like an animal.

The Squire of Gothos wrote: View Post
It makes me wish for a fan edit of Inner Light that takes away the bits on the bridge
Or better still. a fan edit that removed all the events upon the planet, and just has a 42 minute episode consisting of Picard laying on the bridge carpeting, with people endlessly having too stepping over him.

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