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Re: Would TMP have been better had they used the TOS uniforms?

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I actually didn't like how the TNG uniforms looked in Generations. I dunno, they looked fine on the small screen, but on the big screen...I remember sitting in the theatre and hoping for a new uniform design for the next movie.
I really wished they would have kept the TV series look, the First Contact uniforms were so drab. The splash of color might've kept the Enterprise-E from seeming like such a depressing place.
I think that kind of describes the way Trek had started to look towards the end of the Berman era. The sets started to become more and more murky in color and having mostly black uniforms didn't help. Even the sets of ENT had a somewhat washout look with the exception of the sickbay.

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The TWOK uniforms were the first Trek uniforms to have different ones for officers and enlisted...
To me that is the most unforgivable part of the TWOK uniforms era, which I don't like overall. Dividing the officers -- in a very dressy, ornate and status-reinforcing style -- from the enlisted in their utilitarian one-piece, suggesting underclass status, was contrary to everything we have seen about Starfleet before and, really, since. Emphasizing class distinctions was very 1980s, but doesn't seem consonant with Federation or Starfleet ideals.
I can see where you're coming from and can even appreciate it, but I think the uniforms of that era was something of a homage to the navies of ancient Earth--in particular, the Old British Navy maybe--in which officers and enlisted did wear different uniforms. In the TWOK era, some enlisted personnel may even have preferred the utilitarian jumpsuits because they thought the wraparound officer jackets were too stuffy perhaps.
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