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Re: Would TMP have been better had they used the TOS uniforms?

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One thing—to my knowledge, it was never established canonically on screen, but I always took the TOS jumpsuits as the uniforms for enlisted personnel (except when characters such as McCoy wore them in special situations such as in sickbay).
I think the coveralls were for certain kinds of work, not related to rank. Lt. Kyle wore one.
OK. Admittedly, I was influenced by the FJ Tech Manual, which differentiated officers and crew, although it also said that the crew had "ensign grade". I mean, if that's true, and most of the personnel aboard ship were crew who were (somehow) not considered officers, then what else could they have been wearing?

But if one looks in The Making of Star Trek (p. 209 of my edition), one finds:

Although the Enterprise is a military vessel, its organization is only semimilitary. The "enlisted man" category does not exist. Star Trek goes on the assumption that every man and woman aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise is the equivalent of a qualified astronaut, therefore an officer.

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Tangential question: Was a female ever seen wearing one of those TOS jumpsuits? Uhura and Janice Lester had a sickbay nightie, but that wasn't the same.
Uhura wore one (blue!) in "Who Mourns for Adonais" IIRC.
Right, when working under her console, though it's on top of her regular uniform. Thanks!
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