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Re: Downton Abbey - Am I Missing Something?

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Perhaps the "Canadian" heir, Patrick, will return. Even though the new baby is the Earl's grandson, Patrick is still closer in the succession than Matthew was and his son will be.
I still think it's really wierd that females can't even be used as the throughline to a male heir, even if females can't inherit the actual title. (And how does that make any sense in a country that has had at least 3 or 4 female monarchs by this point?)

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
I enjoyed the third season, but I didn't like it. It felt too aimless, there wasn't a "Big Bad" plot element that affected everyone, and the storylines were all over the map.
Personally, other than Matthew's death, I liked Season 3 far more than Season 2. The conflicts felt more natural. Season 2 mostly contrived conflicts by throwing Lavinia Swire & Sir Richard Carlyle into the mix to deliberately keep Matthew & Mary apart. (And, seriously, they had to turn Sir Richard into an absolute beast just to create a character that was too mean even for Mary. Lucky for the writers, all they need to do was cast Iain Glen. The man exudes menace just by breathing.)

Plus, as troubled as I am by Matthew's death, I think the deaths in Season 2 were a bit too convenient. I mean, Lavinia just had "dead meat" written on her forehead the second anyone even mentioned "influenza epidemic." And William's death was also fairly convenient for Daisy. She got to marry him, take a war widow's pension, got a new surrogate father out of the deal, and never even had to perform any wifely duties because he spent their entire 2 days of marriage bedridden, dying of his war wounds.

But, I will say that no scene in Season 3 quite matches the ecstatic high of that scene in Season 2 when Matthew & William unexpectedly returned after being missing in action. Mary seemed so much nicer during the war.
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