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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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Which says nothing of material that may have been shot in secret during that period that you know nothing about.
I think if you're claiming that there's been other shooting going on (it wouldn't have involved Matt Smith as he was preping then directing a film BTW) you need to show some tiny sliver of evidence that would make it more than the product of your imagination.

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Well, thus far the BBC sure hasn't been stingy about this anniversary, what with acquiring the not at all cheap tech to use the anniversary-date ep as the kick-off of their new 3D broadcast division, and all the costs that entails, and springing a sizable chunk of change for Gatiss' docudrama full of of easily double-duty (thus cost saving) props, costumes, etc.
1) This isn't their first 3D drama production, it's their second,so the equipment was already purchased. This is just a way of amortising the cost.

2) AAIS&T's costs come from a completely different budget for a different channel.
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