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Re: Would TMP have been better had they used the TOS uniforms?

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The original TOS uniforms were great for 1960's television, but were too garish and dated-looking by the time TMP was made--they would have to been modified with darker colors and overall remade in a more flattering contemporary style like they were in Star Trek XI.
Agreed, the real-life fashion palette had changed enough that the '60s colors were just not going to cut it; they would have looked dated, not futuristic. Also, I don't think the material, tailoring and finish quality of the TV uniforms would benefit from being seen on the big screen, so even if they went with the same styles they would have had to be updated in certain ways.

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The TWOK uniforms were the first Trek uniforms to have different ones for officers and enlisted...
To me that is the most unforgivable part of the TWOK uniforms era, which I don't like overall. Dividing the officers -- in a very dressy, ornate and status-reinforcing style -- from the enlisted in their utilitarian one-piece, suggesting underclass status, was contrary to everything we have seen about Starfleet before and, really, since. Emphasizing class distinctions was very 1980s, but doesn't seem consonant with Federation or Starfleet ideals.

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One thing—to my knowledge, it was never established canonically on screen, but I always took the TOS jumpsuits as the uniforms for enlisted personnel (except when characters such as McCoy wore them in special situations such as in sickbay).
I think the coveralls were for certain kinds of work, not related to rank. Lt. Kyle wore one.

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Tangential question: Was a female ever seen wearing one of those TOS jumpsuits? Uhura and Janice Lester had a sickbay nightie, but that wasn't the same.
Uhura wore one (blue!) in "Who Mourns for Adonais" IIRC.
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