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Re: The politics of the Prime Directive

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because somebody would have traded warp technology to them for insane amounts of wealth
Which might actual be the way the majority of species in the galaxy get a warp drive in the first place. How many of the Federation Membership invented their own, and how many simply purchased all of theirs on the interstellar open market? One of the criteria for Federation Membership would seem to be having warp technology, but who ever say the species had to of created theirs endogenously?

How many nations on Earth today don't manufacture their own jet engines, computers, medicines?

If a species had 24th century Earth equivalent technology in every way, minus the warp drive, what would be the problem with one of the companies from within the Federation selling the tech to them?

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galactic police officer
... I think there's a line in the sand with extreme violations, such as genocide and slavery ...
But unless you knew the situation on the planet pretty well, could you identify genocide when you saw it?

Two scenarios.

Tribe/culture A is warring with B. A is going to eventually be kill one thousand people in B. Which is all the people B has ... this is genocide.

On the other side of the planet tribe/culture C is warring with D. C is also in time going to be killing one thousand people from D, difference here is D is wide spread and number over a hundred thousand ... this is not genocide.

While different cultures, they are all the same species. How do you tell from orbit which one to stop (and which one you don't)?

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