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Re: Downton Abbey - Am I Missing Something?

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I would LOVE to Edith shine on her own, go out into the world and leave her family behind. She deserves to be a success on her own--man or no man.
I was hoping she would move out and live her life.
Because that's be honest her family does not really care about her.
Agreed. She's like the Meg Griffin of the series.

BTW, Serial thread killer, where did you get that Edith av? I've been thinking of switching mine to something with Branson or Daisy or Hughes&Patmore.

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But I fear that Matthew's death may be a crippling blow to the series. I felt that he was, for the upstairs portion at least, the key point-of-view character for the series. I mean, the show started with his arrival as the new heir. Theoretically, the show could continue without him but I think it would be rather like Northern Exposure without Joel Fleischman.
Or Homicide, post-Andre Braugher. Which was still good, but it lacked something.
Not quite. While Pembleton was a dominant character, he wasn't the point-of-view character. A better analogy would be if they'd gone on with Season 8 without Tim Bayliss.

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Regarding it possible he would instigate that beating to get on James' good side? It doesn't seem likely, since the muggers had ample reason to mug James--all that money he was flashing. And, again, it's been a year since their dust up so maybe things are better between them.
While Thomas may still carry a torch for Jimmy, I would think that he would still give him a wide berth. After all, it's only thanks to Jimmy's good graces that Thomas isn't in prison under Britain's anti-buggery laws.

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I've had this underlying urge to see this show completely jump the shark. Season 5 should be set in 2013 with Maggie Smith playing the same role too.
Shark Jump, make a Doctor Who crossover set in 1963 for the anniversary. She can play the Doctor's regeneration into Hartnel.
I keep thinking of Doctor Who answers to the Matthew problem. Like, can't he just regenerate into Matthew Goode or Tom Hiddleston or something? Or maybe they can bring him back as a plastic Roman for no reason. ("It's all a bit fuzzy. I died and turned into a Roman. It's very distracting.")
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