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Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Comic Book "Reboot."

Major bump here, but...

I've had it sitting on my "to read" pile for a while and finally got around to reading it. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1.

This... I didn't like too much. It was too disjointed to really grasp and as blasphemous as it is to say I'm not a fan of Eastman's art. It looks like he's drawing the comic with a Sharpie which makes fine details and lines impossible. The non-linear story-telling was a bit annoying (especially in one case where it wasn't clear what was going on as one of the panels was over the spine of the book. One side of the spread being in the "present" the other side being in the recent past. And the characters in the panel looked a lot like characters in both "time periods" but it wasn't clear to me who they where or how they fit in the story.

Eastman's art is just too clunky for me. The book, overall, was pretty decent, however. Interesting story but unfortuantely centered mainly on Raph and Casey as opposed to all of the turtles.
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