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Re: VOTE: TV & Media avatar contest - "Actors Portraying Real People"

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So I guess Brian Clough and Peter Taylor weren't famous enough for my entry to be included then?
Crap, sorry. I don't know how I missed your entry. I thought I got them all.

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If this had been in there, I might have voted for it. I probably would have had Brian Clough replace Jim Lovell. But what you really needed was Colm Meaney as Don Revie. I mean, they say "There's only one Don Revie" but Meaney is an absolutely perfect resemblance. OTOH, Timothy Spall looks nothing like Peter Taylor. And the real Brian Clough kinda looks like a cross between Michael Sheen & David Tennant.

I keep hoping they'll making a sequel to The Damned United about the next phase in Clough's career. Call it The Glorious Forest or something.

Come to think of it, how is it that we have a poll for actors playing real people and it's not completely dominated by Michael Sheen avs? Where's David Frost & Tony Blair & Lucian? (Say what you will, the Lycans really have been fighting a centuries long war against the Vampires. Some day, the world will know the truth.)

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JiNX-01 because I love Apollo 13 (even if I think Kevin Costner has a closer resemblance to the real Jim Lovell than Tom Hanks does).
I'm guessing Hanks got the job because he's a better actor (at least I think so).
I suppose you're right. Although, I suspect it had less to do with acting talent and more to do with enthusiasm for the project. I mean, Hanks has been a major driving force behind lots of other period pieces (Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, That Thing You Do). I kinda got the impression from the DVD bonus features that the main reason why Hanks was in the movie and why the movie got made was because Hanks really wanted to do it. (Plus, at the time, he was pretty hot stuff thanks to Forest Gump, Philadelphia, & Sleepless in Seattle.)
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