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Re: Any old timers still around?

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He was the all-time most prolific until he was finally banned, then I remember Huntingdon holding the honor for a while. The Starfish was the board's top poster for a good span of time around the middle of the last decade.
From Enterpriser to eddie. TBBS can't claim much, but it can say it's actually made some worthwhile progress.
Yeah, Hunt was very active and then he got a high profile job and got too much to do to hang around here. Enterpriser did walk that tightrope for a looong time. I remember being stunned that he was banned in the end.

Shameless was everywhere at one point, spamming up the Flaptains and Rear like there was no tomorrow. I know, because we did it together. It was Liz, Angry Angel, Kevin Thomas Riley, Hunt, Orac Zen, Spider, DAK, KitKat, and now I'm sure I've forgotten people. Ghost. We were a bunch who completely rioted in Flaptains one Saturday evening/night in 2004. I think I posted more than 200 posts that evening and the mods got a bit of a shock when logging in. Completely insane. Personally I blame Monty Python. It was all their fault.
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